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As a virtual concierge functional health practice, our goal is to provide exceptional personalized healthcare. We care about and will cater to every aspect of your health: spirit, soul, and body.

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The Meaning of Our Name

About Dr. Kokoricha

Dr. Kokoricha has over twenty five years of experience as an Internist. After graduating from the University of Jos’ medical school, he went on to get his Masters of Science in Health Services Management at the renowned London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

After that, he completed his residency at Drexel University’s College of Medicine as an Internist. A few years later, with some hospital experience under his belt, he opened a private practice with his wife, Oyin, in New Mexico. Years of practicing and studying conventional medicine gave him one main takeaway: it’s a frustrating system.

He saw how the medicine he had spent his entire professional life practicing failed some people, including his wife, who suffered through years of undiagnosable, chronic pain. That was the impetus for his functional medicine journey. He learned about treating the root versus managing symptoms. This knowledge changed his family’s health trajectory, and he believes it can change yours too.