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Discounts will apply to Concierge IV Therapy (currently DFW area only), Peptides, Supplements, and much more from our Physician Curated Collections!

Testing is convenient and can be done at home or in a local lab. Unlike traditional primary care medicine, our in-depth diagnostic panel looks at inflammation, hormones, nutrient status, heart health, allergies, genetics, and more.

Please know that costs vary, and insurance may not cover functional testing. However, our lab provider of over 20+ labs provides the option for patients to use either HSA/FSA cards or split their payments. So you, too, can afford much-needed diagnostic testing!

Your first visit is one hour, during which Dr. Kokoricha will review your pre-ordered labs. There is an onboarding cost involved, which includes the cost of your initial functional lab tests.

At your first appointment, he will review your labs, discuss your symptoms, and create a personalized health plan designed to identify and treat persistent symptoms and conditions.

You can use an FSA or HSA for your visits with us. However, we are not in-network with any insurance providers. Therefore, you will need to check with your insurance provider to see if your visits with Dr. Kokoricha at Bodidey Medical Wellness will be covered as out-of-network medical care — many members get up to 70% reimbursed.

With the science of nutrigenomics and functional lab/conventional lab testing determined by Dr. Kokoricha, your plan will be tailored specifically based on your genes, needs, and goals.

The diagnostic testing will cover nutrition, recommendations for personalized IV therapy infusions (currently DFW area only), fitness, mental health, medications, medical-grade supplement recommendations, and more.

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