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Regular price $895.95

It is highly recommended that new members with existing or chronic conditions purchase "Onboarding" at the discounted member rate of $895 (regularly $1,499.95) simultaneously with their membership.*

Onboarding includes either a Nutritional Evaluation  test or a GI Effects Comprehensive test and your initial 60 - 75 minutes virtual consultation. 

1. Purchase your membership, including a one-time onboarding consultation and sign up as a new member on our patient portal.

2. Complete the specially designed questionnaires to look beyond conventional medicine diagnoses but for root causes, and get started on your journey to optimal health! You also have the opportunity to upload your 23andMe® or ANCESTRY.COM® data to get your free Pure Genomics report. 

3. Dr. Kokoricha will review your questionnaire and schedule your initial Nutritional Evaluation or a GI Effects Comprehensive test included in your onboarding cost.

4. Then, the lab provider will contact you to schedule your concierge appointment at a location of your choice. You do not have to visit a lab unless you choose to do so.*

5. Any additional labs will be paid for out of pocket by you as the patient, directly to the lab, and you will have the option to accept or decline these labs or provide Dr. Kokoricha with other recent lab work.

6. Once Dr. Kokoricha receives your lab work; you will meet with him for your initial 60 - 75 minutes consultation, covered in your one-time onboarding cost.

*Our lab providers currently do not service New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. Contact us for more information if you live in any of those states. The onboarding charge is for an individual, not a couple, or members of the same household.