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Weight Management Home Collection Test Kit

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Hormones are key players in regulating weight, metabolism, blood sugar, insulin, and when and where the body stores fat. 

Hormones Imbalances

Simple at-home testing can reveal whether hormones sabotage your weight management efforts and point out the following hormonal imbalances. 


-Estrogen dominance

-Weight gain in hips and thighs

-Water retention

-Low thyroid

-Sluggish metabolism


- Androgen Imbalance

- Decreased lean muscle/increased body fat

- Decreased metabolic rate

- Abdominal obesity

High Cortisol

- Belly fat

- Increase appetite

- Sugar cravings

- Impaired metabolism

Vitamin D3 Deficiency

- Hyperinsulinemia

- Belly fat

Elevated TSH

- Hypothyroidism

- Low metabolic rate

- Obesity

High Fasting Insulin

- Insulin resistance/metabolic syndrome

- Abdominal obesity

High HbA1c:

- Predictive of type 2 diabetes